30 Jun 2008

New Caledonia reveals cases of dengue still being reported

1:52 pm on 30 June 2008

The outbreak of mosquito-transmitted dengue fever in New Caledonia has so far affected over 900 people since the beginning of this year.

Latest statistics from the health and social affairs department reveal 912 reported cases since the beginning of January.

The health department says the figures are still rising at a pace of one to two new cases per day, even though the humid season is theoretically over.

Rain has continued to affect New Caledonia in recent weeks and local temperatures have been warmer than usual.

The fresh statistics also come despite an intensive prevention and eradication campaign launched several months ago.

The worst dengue epidemic in New Caledonia dates back to 2003, when 19 people died.

No one has died in the current outbreak.