1 Jul 2008

Samoan village rejects bill allowing govt control of its local water

10:45 am on 1 July 2008

The village of Sili in Samoa has rejected a bill which would have resulted in the government taking over the local management of water.

The village met to discuss the bill with their lawyer Leulua'iali'i Tasi Malifa and the executive director of the environmental group O le Si'osi'omaga Society, Fiu Mataese Elisara-Laulu.

Fiu informed chiefs and orators of Sili that the bill will affect the sources of water for which the blood of forefathers of this village and the district was spilled.

He said the government was trying to take over village resources like land and water.

According to Le Siosiomaga the bill means that villages will be required to get a license to use their own water.

Spokesman for Sili, Fiu Tinoifili, told the Samoa Observer their village will stand firm to protect what is their inheritance from God.