4 Jul 2008

American fibre optic cable project delayed

2:13 pm on 4 July 2008

There's been a delay in redeploying an undersea fiber optic cable that will connect American Samoa to Hawaii.

The cable laying ship which was scheduled to transport the New Zealand end of the cable to the territory in November is not now available until December or January.

The Pac Rim East cable company is still targeting the first quarter of 2009 to bring the cable on line.

One of the company engineers Faye Alailima Rose says they expect the territory to be hooked up by March.

The company has selected a site near the sewerline at Fogagogo to land the cable and connect it to the Blue Sky Operations center in Iliiili.

Alailima Rose explained why this is the preferred site.

"It just happens that this location has the least amount of coral habitat coming in, because of the sand channel. Nothing really grows in the sand channel so you don't have habitat that you've got fish feeding off of. So this is naturally the best place to go."

Alailima Rose