8 Jul 2008

Samoa Chamber of Commerce backs telco privatisation plan

3:26 pm on 8 July 2008

The Samoa chamber of Commerce says it will support the government's plans to privatise its telecommunications company, SamoaTel, as long as it is open and transparent in its process.

Anti-government politicians have called for the government to abandon its plans to privatise the state-owned company, saying SamoaTel is too valuable an asset.

But the government says the company's capital costs can be a drain on the governments' budget and privatisation will improve SamoaTel's services.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Sina Retzlaff-Lima, says the Chamber members are more concerned with the government's process of privatisation, rather than privatisation itself.

"As long as their process is transparent, as long as private sector and local investors are given the opportunity to invest as well as their forecast of the benefits to Samoa as a whole going forward and future benefits - then the private sector will support a privatisation move for SamoaTel."

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Sina Retzlaff-Lima.