14 Jul 2008

Aquaculture poised to take hold in CNMI

8:53 pm on 14 July 2008

There is optimism in the Northern Marianas that aquaculture will become the next lucrative economic industry to replace the recently-fallen garment industry.

The CNMI is poised to start developing their aquaculture potential with various proposals, that includes establishing a research facility over the next few years.

Michael Ogo, an aquaculture specialist for Northern Marianas College, says the CNMI is an ideal environment in which to grow a viable aquaculture industry and they will copy successful aquaculture models in Phillipines and Hawaii.

"Two of our economic engines are really hurting right now so since we are surrounded with the vast Pacific ocean we are looking at aquaculture as an alternative income generator for the CNMI."

Michael Ogo says developing aquaculture could lead to the CNMI exporting products like shrimp and grouper, to meet a rising demand in Asia markets.