17 Jul 2008

Fiji water companies given more time to lodge documents

10:02 am on 17 July 2008

Fiji's bottled water companies have been given until Friday to provide additional information requested by the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority (FIRCA).

Fijilive reports FIRCA chief executive officer Jitoko Tikolevu says following the gazetting of the new 20 cents per litre export and excise duty on bottled water, all relevant bottling companies were requested to make submissions providing key documents justifying their objections to this new tax imposition.

Ten bottling companies submitted its submissions last Thursday.

Mr Tikolevu says None of the bottled water companies have fully submitted all relevant information and documents.

He says all bottling companies have now been given until July 18 to provide all requested information in full for examination by FIRCA.

However, the bottled water industry says it has provided all necessary information required of bottlers.

A statement from Fiji Water says it seems clear that FIRCA is now frantically trying to do the analysis that should have been done far before this onerous set of taxes were ever considered by Cabinet.

But the company says the effect of Cabinet not discussing the issue tomorrow as promised is the same as simply leaving the taxes in place...and either result is unacceptable as far as the business is concerned.