17 Jul 2008

American Samoa village gets funds to eradicate tamaligi tree

1:36 pm on 17 July 2008

The village of Pago Pago in American Samoa has been awarded a grant of 15,000 US dollars by the environmental organisation Seaology to eradicate tamaligi trees.

Because of its rapid growth and towering structure, the tamaligi threatens the growth of native tree and plant species.

The American Samoa National Park applied for the grant with the support of the Pago Pago Village council.

The invasive plant specialist for the National Park, Tavita Togia, says the grant is needed because park funds cannot be used to pay for the eradication of the tamaligi outside the park.

"The whole project is under the leadership of the Pago Pago village council and the park will provide equipment and training and supervision, and the American Samoa special service commission will take care of all the administration work."

Tavita Togia says a crew of four people will be hired to carry out the removal of the invasive trees.