17 Jul 2008

Tonga sets up taskforce to help deportees

6:52 pm on 17 July 2008

A taskforce has been set up in Tonga to help the kingdom's more than 400 deportees.

The Salvation Army says some of them express suicidal feelings because of the culture shock of being sent to a country they have not been brought up in and the discrimination they face upon arrival.

Misivini Tatakamotonga has been deported from the US where he lived since the age of one.

He was sent from a jail in the US where his wife and two children still live.

He says in Tonga he can't get a job and he can't speak the language.

"It's worse than prison, it's like in the army or something. Everybody out on their own over here. I can't get adjusted to it. I'm still trying to because it's different from the States. They look at you as an outcast, because you got sent back instead of coming back on your own."

Deportee, Misivini Tatakamotonga.