22 Jul 2008

Vanuatu shows steady improvement in governance

2:13 pm on 22 July 2008

The latest findings on an index of good governance developed by part of the University of the South Pacific shows Vanuatu has been making good progress.

The scale, which has been developed by the Institute of Development and Governance, covers seven Pacific Island countries and ten years up to 2005.

The Institute's Professor Graham Hassall, says Vanuatu has crept up the index quietly, but steadily:

"People often think of Samoa as one of the best performing countries in the Pacific, and indeed it is, but coming close tothat is Vanuatu based on all the factors put together. There has been alot of political volatility in Vanuatu, but on the other hand there has been a steady improvement in the quality of economic managment in that country."

Professor Graham Hassall of the USP's Institute of Development and Governance.

The latest inex put the Cook Islands at the top and Papua New Guiean and Solomon islands at the bottom