24 Jul 2008

Solomons opposition no confidence motion withdrawn

9:47 am on 24 July 2008

"A motion of no confidence in the Solomon Islands Government due to be held tomorrow (Friday) has been withdrawn."

It comes after Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua claimed to have the backing of as many as 38 of the 50 MPs in the Parliament.

Meanwhile the year's second session, starting tomorrow, will feature the tabling of the Facilitation of International Assistance Notice 2003 and the Prime Minister's call for it to be reviewed by the Foreign Relations Committee.

The Government has also indicated that it intends bringing in a total of seven

bills in this session, though our correspondent reports Parliament has yet to formally receive any of these proposed bills.

It is anticipated the legislation will include the Secured Transactions Bill, the Correctional Services (Amendment) Bill and the Telecommunication (Amendment) Bill.