30 Jul 2008

New party in Samoa aims wider than road switch repeal

3:44 pm on 30 July 2008

A new political party in Samoa formed by members of the non-government organisation PASS is reassuring the public that The People's Party or TPP is a separate entity with a wider focus.

The non-government organisation PASS, or People Against Switching Sides, was formed to lobby against the government's new road transport law that changes the side of the road people drive on.

The chairman of the party's steering committee, Toleafoa Solomona Toailoa, says it won't be the sole focus of the new party.

"PASS is only concerned with one issue which is the road switch. Whereas this new organisation we will not be focusing just on the road switch but also on many other issues affecting our country at the moment."

Toleafoa Solomona Toailoa