31 Jul 2008

Solomons magistrate charged with corruption

10:47 am on 31 July 2008

An Auki based Magistrate in Solomon Islands has been charged with corruption.

A statement Chief Magistrate Leonard Maina confirmed that David Wale has been suspended from performing official duties as a magistrate since the allegation were raised in January.

The charge relates to a case of selling liquor without license case which went before Magistrate Wale on the 28th of December last year.

It has been alleged Magistrate Wale heard the case and convicted the accused, Yan Jian, before ordering the sale of sixteen cartons by auction and the other sixteen to be returned to the accused.

It was alleged that during the time, Wale obtained two hundred dollars and two ten kilo bags of rice from the shop owned by the accused.

Magistrate Wale has been charged and the case is before the Central Magistrates Court.

In his official statement, Chief magistrate Leonard Maena said every

citizen of the country is subject to the law and when charged for committing an offence, will have to face the law or go to court like everybody else.