31 Jul 2008

Fiji police to probe arrest of escaped prisoner

1:49 pm on 31 July 2008

The Fiji police say they will soon start an inquiry into the arrest of an escaped prisoner, who suffered injuries while being re-captured.

Jo Baleiloa underwent surgery for serious head injuries in the Colonial war hospital in Suva last Thursday.

The hospital says he's still in a coma and on life support.

His father said earlier his son's fingers and legs are also broken.

A police spokesperson, Ema Mua, says police are taking the issue seriously.

"The commissioner has not said to have an inquiry as yet. He has had a talk with our minister, the minister of defence, obviously there's going to be an internal inquiry into the issue surrounding the arrest of Mr Baleiloa from police to our officers, but at the moment it hasn't begun."

Ema Mua says police condemn violence.