31 Jul 2008

Niue's leader seeks New Zealand's help to build boutique tourist hotels

7:55 pm on 31 July 2008

The Premier of Niue is looking for New Zealand assistance to boost the island's tourism industry with the construction of several boutique hotels.

Toke Talagi is on his first visit to Wellington since becoming Premier in June and says he got a positive reception from New Zealand's political leaders for his plans to develop a sustainable economy.

He says he is confident his new Government will get the backing to further develop industries particularly tourism.

Mr Talagi wants Niue to target well heeled tourists but the island is short of accommodation, so he wants a number of small hotels built quickly.

"Ten maybe 15, five to 15 to 20 units at a time. Maybe two or three of those in the next year to two years, but we would also like to look at the possibilities of developing the concepts we have developed with respect to renovating abandoned houses. Now that is a project that I have been working on myself and I can see that that's a model that working for us at present time."

Toke Talagi