7 Aug 2008

Solomon Islands PM announces review of telecommunication services

10:22 am on 7 August 2008

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua says Parliament will review Telekom's exclusive license in three months time.

Telekom currently has sole rights to telecommunications service in the country - with its 15 year exclusive contract it obtained in 2003.

Solomon Telekom may face tough competition much sooner then they anticipated after the announcement in Parliament that the government is putting together a draft Telekom bill to liberalise the market.

Speaking on the issue, Prime minister Sikua said telecommunications in the country will improve once the market is opened up.

"Our Telekom's exclusive license expected to be reviewed in November 2008 parliament sitting which should open the avenue for further development of communication to the provinces."

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua.

Solomon Telekom recently won a High Court injunction to stop Jamaican mobile operator Digicel from setting up in the country.