12 Aug 2008

TI PNG welcomes police barracks curfews in capital

3:16 pm on 12 August 2008

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea has welcomed a decision to impose a curfew on the capital's police barracks.

Police have imposed a curfew on the eight police barracks that are scattered around the capital after they discovered a bank robbery was planned inside one of them, and after reports of illegal drug use and wild parties.

The barrack gates will be closed between six o' clock in the evenings until eight o' clock in the mornings for the next three months.

Transparency's spokesperson, Henry Yamo, says the curfew will protect police officers and their families who live in these barracks.

"The gates are usually not manned by policemen, they are left open and the public just moves in and out, whether they are living there or not. So it was a good move to impose a curfew so this will pose restrictions on people moving in and out of the barracks."

Henry Yamo, from Transparency International in PNG.