12 Aug 2008

Papuan shot by Indonesian police, say Human Rights workers

7:34 pm on 12 August 2008

The Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights says an autopsy has revealed that a Papuan killed during a United Nations World Indigenous People Day event in Wamena at the weekend was shot dead.

The Institute's spokesperson Paula Makabori says the autopsy revealed Opinus Tabuni was killed by a bullet shot through his chest.

She says Indonesian security forces fired the shot.

Earlier, Indonesian police had claimed the victim was killed by another Papuan among the crowd, wielding a traditional sword or spear.

The Institute and other West Papuan human rights bodies have circulated photos of the Event rally, showing armed police activity around the rally as well as an Indonesian Intelligence officer with a gun.

Human rights workers who attended the cultural rally says that the police fired on the crowd when local traditional dancers raised four flags, the outlawed Morning Star, the UN flag, the Indonesian flag and a flag with SOS on it.