13 Aug 2008

Solomons MP calls for support of Central Bank

4:32 pm on 13 August 2008

A Solomon Islands MP has called on members of parliament to defend the independence of the country's Central Bank.

This comes after the opposition leader, Manasseh Sogavare, had raised concerns about the country's weak currency and had called on the Government and the Central Bank to do something about it.

The Finance Minister Snyder Rini says the Bank has advised this is not feasible.

During a debate in parliament on the bank's 2007 annual report, MP Mathew Wale, called for politicians to maintain the independence of an institution that had functioned well for 30 years.

"We also know during the conflict years there was immense pressure on the Central Bank. With that kind of experience and that kind of history we do not need to look very far to see why it is important that parliament and the government continue to respect the independence of the bank."

Mathew Wale.