14 Aug 2008

Solomon Islands seeks funding for youth programme

10:30 am on 14 August 2008

A grassroots project addressing the needs of youth and their communities in North Malaita in Solomon Islands wants donor funding to bring in educators from New Zealand to train youth leaders.

The work is being spearheaded by the Uttermost Rural Development Foundation and the Commonwealth Youth Programme South Pacific.

They want to create sustainable livelihoods for youth in the region - many of whom were involved in the years of ethnic tensions.

Consultations in July with young people in Honiara and Malu'u in North Malaita identified specific issues around health, works skills, environmental issues and communication.

The Uttermost Rural Development Foundation now wants to put 25 youths and five adults through an intensive two-week leadership training workshop.

But they need financial backing for what the Foundation calls a first-of-its-kind indigenous, grassroots initiative that comes from young people themselves.