18 Aug 2008

Petrol prices fall in American Samoa

10:32 am on 18 August 2008

For the first time in three months, motorists in American Samoa are about to see a drop in petrol prices.

The new wholesale price for fuel which went into effect yesterday lowers the cost of a gallon of unleaded gasoline by 42 cents.

But most petrol stations have not yet lowered their prices .

One station in Nuuuli said they had to sell all gasoline supplies purchased at the old price.

As a result motorosts were still being charged $4.85 a gallon.

It has been normal practice for petrol stations to increase their prices on the effective day of the Maximum allowable price for fuel , if there's a price increase.

But if there's a reduction in price, they wait a few days before lowering their prices.

The last time petrol prices went down was in May.