18 Aug 2008

New Zealand discus champion can't believe Olympic result

10:41 am on 18 August 2008

New Zealand's Olympic discus champion Valerie Vili received her gold medal in Beijing last night.... 24 hours after winning her title.

The ceremony was held over because of Saturday night's late finish, but Vili was happy to go back in front of the big crowd for a second time.

There is no time to rest for the 23-year-old, she has 2 more competitions over the next month, including the IAAF world finals in Stuttgart.

After that its a rest, but she intends to be competing for a while yet.

However, the world champion says it's taking a while for the win to sink in.

"After we had a feed we went back to the room and it was just like this has happened you know, pinch me, you know it has happened, and we sort of reassured each other yes it's happened we've done it, it just feels so surreal. As I said it hasn't quite sunk in yet, but over time it will."