22 Aug 2008

Australian Prime Minister says Pacific failing to meet millenium goals

9:51 am on 22 August 2008

Another issue discussed at the Forum meeting was the question of how Pacific nations could meet what are called " the Millennium Development Goals" by the year 2015 .

Pacific Islands leaders at the summit committed to redoubling their efforts to meet them.

But, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, says the Pacific is not even faintly on track to realise the goals, which cover issues such as poverty, education and infant and maternal health.

And he says this is why Australia intends putting conditions on the aid it provides.

"We've said to the region we will be there in terms of our long-term investment through official development assistance. But we will be there on the condition that, through mutual responsibility to one another, we see measurable progress against the key education, health and other economic indicators."