26 Aug 2008

Solomons plans ahead for 2012 Pacific Arts Festival

1:11 pm on 26 August 2008

Solomon Islands will be targeting the private sector, donors and the government to be on a committee to help fundraise for the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts.

The country is next to host the four-yearly regional event after American Samoa this year.

The Solomon Islands Tourism Minister Robert Au says he is confident that they can afford to host the event, which attracts thousands of performers artists and tourists.

Mr Au says they will try to get funding for the required infrastructure for it to hopefully be in place within two years.

"Measures we would think of include the private sector to be part of the main committee so that when we start with fundraising activities the private sector, we can ask them for their support to assist [with] the dollars that will also come from the government, apart from what we will be getting from major sponsors."

Robert Au says more than 300,000 US dollars is being allocated in the 2009 budget for the festival organising committee.