27 Aug 2008

Vanuatu poll preparations near completion

1:33 pm on 27 August 2008

90 percent of the ballot papers have been printed for next week's election in Vanuatu.

The election has attracted nearly 350 candidates for the 52-seat parliament.

The principal electoral officer, Martin Tete, says preparations for Tuesday's poll are in place, and voting should be quick.

He says there are a total of 343 candidates across the country.

"We have sent copies of the application forms from each candidate to the printing company, who are currently doing the printing of ballot papers. They have completed about 90% of the printing, and some of the ballot papers, we have already sent out to the 17 constituencies in the republic of Vanuatu."

Martin Tete says counting depends on how many people vote, but there should be an unofficial result by Wednesday morning.