28 Aug 2008

Fiji's NFP says charter will downgrade Indo-Fijians

2:09 pm on 28 August 2008

Fiji's National Federation Party says the People's Charter will relegate the Indo-Fijians to being third class citizens.

The charter is supposed to map a way forward for Fiji, addressing good governance, social development and the economy.

The party's secretary, Pramod Rae, says people should boycott the charter consultation process currently under way.

"We're alarmed at the proposal to disenfranchise large sections of the Indo-Fijian community, which will really be left without representation in parliament. Currently our community is guaranteed 19 seats in parliament. This charter proposal proposes to remove those."

Pramod Rae says it also proposes to amend the Agricultural Landlord and Tenants Act, which would force farmers to pay market rates.