28 Aug 2008

Samoa Government to decide if RAMSI officer in fatal crash be tried in Apia or Honiara

8:19 pm on 28 August 2008

A Samoan RAMSI officer who was allegedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that killed a young Solomon Islands nurse in June could face charges as early as tomorrow.

But the Samoa Government is first to decide whether it wants him tried on the charges in Samoa or in Honiara.

The Solomon Islands police commissioner Peter Marshall says a comprehensive investigation has been carried out, with over 70 witnesses and statements.

Mr Marshall says there is no option of immunity for the RAMSI officer.

"But under the Facilitation Act, there is another opportunity for the Samoan government, quite separate from immunity; that is, to exercise a jurisdiction right, whereby they arrange to have the court proceeding in Samoa itself, as opposed to Honiara."

Peter Marshall says the Solomon Islands government is now waiting for Samoa's government to make its decision, which he says could happen by the end of this week.