1 Sep 2008

Impact of Pacific eradication programme reviewed

1:33 pm on 1 September 2008

Researchers from the United States Institute of Pacific Forestry based in Hilo, on Hawaii, are reviewing the progress made in the eradication of the tamaligi tree and the effects that eradication is having on the native forests and land.

The scientist's work continues a joint partnership between the Hawaii institute and the National Park Service.

An invasive species specialist Tavita Togia has led the effort to eradicate the tamaligi which is threatening local trees and plants.

Wanda Uwulo has been among those working on the eradication effort

"The data that we collected in 2007 demonstrates that the control efforts have been effective and they are actually quite an inspiring success story fo invasive species control - not only in American Samoa but for the whole Pacific region."

Wanda Uwulo