1 Sep 2008

PPP keen in Vanuatu poll to boost accountability

1:50 pm on 1 September 2008

The People's Progressive Party in Vanuatu says it needs to be in government, so the old leaders can be held to account.

Vanuatu goes to the polls tomorrow to elect members to its 52-seat parliament for a four-year term.

Interest in the election is high, with a record 341 candidates standing in 17 electorates.

Samson Kilman, the campaign director for the PPP says his party wants to ensure economic growth, and good governance

"This election is like any other election. The constitution says after four yearsthere has got be an election and this election is the same. For this party, we have observed for the last four years, the ups and downs."

Samson Kilman says people are sick of what he calls the corruption of the old leaders.