3 Sep 2008

Flooding in Morobe in Papua New Guinea impacting on thousands

3:33 pm on 3 September 2008

Thousands of people in Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea could be made homeless after weeks of heavy rain intensified this week.

Disaster officials have warned people living near the Markham, Busu, Bumbu and Yalu rivers to move to higher ground.

Many road links in the province have been cut and there are fears for the food supply with gardens flooded.

Our correspondent Oseah Philemon, who is in Lae the provincial capital, says around 4 thousand people in a village on the coast face having their houses swamped after the Markham River burst its banks.

"And it has taken a route directly into the village and several houses have actually been washed away in the last week. And it is most certain that if rain continues and more flood waters continue to follow that route then we could see more houses being washed away and a lot of people could be made homeless."