3 Sep 2008

Fiji interim Government rejects local media claim that Sir Paul Reeves' Forum role reduced

3:50 pm on 3 September 2008

Fiji's interim attorney general says the Commonwealth's Special Envoy, Sir Paul Reeves, was never going to chair the Presidential Forum on political reform.

Fiji media reports have suggested that Sir Paul, who they say had been expected to chair the Forum, has now been dismissed from that role.

But Aiyaz Sayed Khayum says that's not the case.

"His Excellency, our President wrote to the secretary generals of the UN and the Commonwealth. The three names he had suggested were Don McKinnon [former secretary general of the Commonwealth], professor Josh Ghai and Rabbie Namaliu [former PNG cabinet minister] to be the members of the panel for the forum. Sir Paul Reeves' role is more of a facilitating role, talking to the political parties to get them together to the forum. So that has been his position from day one."

Aiyaz Sayed Khayum says Sir Paul is continuing his role as facilitator.