4 Sep 2008

Greepeace activists in PNG board vessel carrying logs for China

9:48 am on 4 September 2008

Greenpeace activists say they will not leave a logging ship they boarded in Papua New Guinea until the government stops large scale logging.

Four Greenpeace protesters in the Gulf Province, along PNG's south-west coast, stormed the logging ship that was bound for China.

The ship was loading at Paia Inlet when the four climbed up a loading crane and fastened a huge banner reading 'Protect Forests, Save Our Climate'.

At the same time hundreds of local resource owners are peacefully protesting at three locations in the area.

Raoni Hammer is a New Zealander currently on the log ship.

Mr Hammer says they want to stop the illegal logging of timber in the area.


We're trying to raise awareness about the logging of this area in PNG, which is completely out of control and full of corruption at the expense of the local people. The logging companies aren't abiding by the rules taht were set down when they came in the area.

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Raoni Hammer says the New Zealand government in particular should do more to stop its illegal timber import.