4 Sep 2008

Vanuatu outgoing deputy PM says old guard will have to negotiate seriously with newcomers

9:45 am on 4 September 2008

Vanuatu's outgoing deputy Prime Minister says it looks like forming a Government will be difficult, following the country's general election.

Official results are some days away, but there are early suggestions, the two main parties in the outgoing coalition, Vanua'aku and the National United Party, could be in a position to lead again.

But Edward Natapei, who is also the leader of Vanua'aku, says it will depend on what the final counts show.

He says they will have to allow for new people who have come in to negotiate agreements.

"When you look at the new people who have come in, they have their own agendas and their own policies. So to try and negotiate an agreement this time, we are going to have to really consider seriously their policies. And judging from the way they've been coming across, they not just going to accept any leader. They'll probably want to see some commitment from the old guard."

Edward Natapei says there is an understanding that the coalition partners will work together again, if they have the numbers.