8 Sep 2008

Predictions a coalition of 3 or 4 parties could form the new Vanuatu government.

7:52 pm on 8 September 2008

Negotiations are continuing among Vanuatu's main political parties over the possible formation of the next government, following last week's general election.

While Vanuatu's Electoral Commission has not yet released official results, preliminary indication are that the Vanuaaku Pati has won at least ten, and possibly as many as 12, of the 52 parliamentary seats.

The VP has been in talks with other large parties like the National United Party over the possible formation of a coalition government similar to the outgoing one.

The VP leader Edward Natapei says they are not focussing on independent MPs in their negotiations, since a majority could be formed by just three parties.

"At the moment if we have three or four major parties then it shouldn't be too much of a problem sorting the ministerial portfolios or the sharing according to the proportion that each party is giving to the coalition."

Edward Natapei