12 Sep 2008

Solomons police officer in court on charges relating to search for a fugitive

10:14 am on 12 September 2008

A long serving Solomon Islands police officer has appeared in court on charges related to the search for a fugitive involved in the attack on a RAMSI Police Officer last week.

The police officer, Theodore Bolitada, is alleged to have informed the spouse of the fugitive that police want her arrested.

Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall expressed his displeasure at the

officer's conduct but applauded the SIPF for their impartiality in carrying

out their duty.

"He's been charged with two counts one of attempting to defeat the course of justice, and one of accessory to the offence of attempted murder - accessory after the fact. It gives me no pleasure to announce this but by the same token it does illustrate that the police are not going to sit back idly whilst members of the public or anyone else assist people who are wanted for serious crimes."

The forty six year old police officer, who has served more than a decade in the Solomon Islands Police Force, appeared in court yesterday.