12 Sep 2008

Solomons' NGO says funds for disaster victims must be immediately released

3:52 pm on 12 September 2008

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says funds must be released immediately to the 3000 tsunami victims in Gizo who still haven't received help.

About eighty percent of the 2004 tsunami victims in Gizo are still sleeping in tents.

The government earmarked more than two million US dollars for the victims but the money is yet to reach some of them.

The Council says the situation for about 80 percent of the families in Gizo is unacceptable.

Its general secretary, Ella Kauhue, says these families are struggling to make ends meet after their homes and food gardens were destroyed.

"Some women are really turning the community around. I would see them selling fresh vegetables, potatoes, bananas. But the rest are still struggling, because they don't know where to turn, they're just waiting for a miracle to happen, someone just to come and move them from the tents they are living in now to a decent housing."

Ella Kauhue