16 Sep 2008

Fiji authorities appeal for public help to combat dengue

2:37 pm on 16 September 2008

Fiji's Ministry of Health says everyone needs to help the fight against dengue fever, with 611 people contracting the virus in the past two weeks.

The country is in the midst of a dengue outbreak, a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes and typically has symptoms of fever and rashes.

The Ministry of Health's Dr Losevati Alefato says Suva and Labasa are the worst affected areas.

Ms Alefato says it's spraying and running public awareness campaigns to try and contain the spread of the disease, but it needs help from the public.

"Our awareness to the community at large to come to the health facilities if they suffer from any of the symptoms. Then we've got the preventative side. We're spraying. And our town councils have joined us and are carrying out clean up campaigns."

Losevati Alefato says people should also get rid of water containers where mosquito larvae could breed, and should use insect repellent.