18 Sep 2008

Journalists in Solomons upset at government limits on reporting of Constitutional Congress

5:28 pm on 18 September 2008

Journalists in Solomon Islands are angry and are boycotting a government plan to control coverage of a Constitutional Congress later this month.

The Congress will discuss a federal constitution for the Solomons.

Dorothy Wickham reports from Honiara:

"They handed around a document wanting the media organisations to sign saying that the media organisations will adhere to restrictions and rules on the reporting of the congress. They don't want an open reporting system, because some of the issues might be a bit sensitive. Only accredited journalists would be allowed to cover it, editors would sign the document, and anything that's to be released there have to be consultations through the media unit of the prime minister's office. The media association of Solomon Islands had a meeting and it's been decided that the media organisations will not sign the forms."

Dorothy Wickham in Honiara.