22 Sep 2008

CNMI concerns are allayed over Chinese shrimp imports

2:59 pm on 22 September 2008

Fears about the quality of imported frozen shrimp from China being exported to the CNMI have been put to rest.

The US Food and Drug Administration has detained some products from China at the border after some shipments had residues from drugs that aren't approved in the US for use in farm-raised aquatic animals.

But the CNMI's department of commerce's acting secretary Michael Ada says local consumers have no need to worry as the local prospect and demand for local aquaculture is thriving.

He says although the CNMI doesnt have resources to check quality at the border, the quantities of imported shrimp coming in from China aren't worth worrying about.

"A lot of the local market base actually get their shrimp where it is home grown. So our reliance on imported shrimp is actually very very miniscule. Although yknow there are some concerns with regards to the tainted shrimp that may be coming in from China our risk or exposure to that is very very small only because we import less than 1% of our frozen seafood from China."

The CNMI department of commerce's acting secretary Michael Ada