23 Sep 2008

Cook Islands harbour up-grade set to go

8:32 pm on 23 September 2008

The long awaited Mangaia Harbour up-grade in Cook Islands looks set to get underway by March next year.

In 2004 and 2005 cyclones damaged Mangaia's harbour, and those on the island have been waiting for repairs to begin ever since.

The Cook Islands government has formed an infrastructure committee with the aim of developing Rarotonga and the outer-islands more efficiently.

The chair of the committee, George Cowan, says the committee has finished the design and plan of the Mangaia harbour and the 2 million dollar project is now waiting on cabinet approval.

"In March next year, work should start there and hope to be completed by June. Local government has already given us the clear to go ahead even if it's going to be funded locally by the Cook Island government."

George Cowan says the upgrade will go ahead regardless of NZ Aid funding.