25 Sep 2008

Vanuatu no confidence motion tossed out over technicality

7:39 pm on 25 September 2008

A motion of no-confidence in Vanuatu's newly-elected government has been thrown out over a technicality.

The motion was put days after the Government was elected by a slim majority with the Opposition leader, Maxime Carlot Korman, who says he now has the numbers to form a government.

Mr Korman says 2 Government MPs have returned to support him.

But Vanuatu's Speaker, George Wells, says one of those MPs has withdrawn his signature on the motion, and he expects the other to follow suit.

"The provision, under standing order is normally the request of a motion should be one sixth of total members of parliament to be signed, but there's only two members sign. That's why it's not complying with the provision of the standing order, article 43, so that's why I reject the motion."

George Wells says the opposition can lodge another motion, providing it has the numbers.