29 Sep 2008

Strategy launched in Wellington for Tokelauan youth

6:03 am on 29 September 2008

A strategy for Tokelauan Youth was launched in Wellington's Hutt Valley over the weekend.

Kona Nanu o te Tifa, the Tokelau Hutt Valley Youth Development Strategy, is a community initiative addressing all aspects of life, learning, working, cultural development, family values and community participation.

Filipo Lui, the project co-ordinator, says youth needs were identified in a workshop 2 years ago, and a five year strategy has been developed based on those needs

"We are saying for government departments and agencies that are delivering services to youth, throughout New Zealand perhaps we would be able to better deliver these services to our youth, and therefore, give us the funding, or give us the resources that you would give to other youth for us to run it instead."

Filipo Lui says there's about 200 Tokelaun youth in the Hutt Valley area, and it's a matter of reaching as many of them as possible.