29 Sep 2008

PNG health department working to ban Chinese produced milk products

6:07 am on 29 September 2008

Papua New Guinea's health department says it's working with retailers and quarantine officials on banning all Chinese made dairy products.

Four babies have died and more than 50 thousand have fallen ill in China after consuming milk powder tainted with the chemical, melamine.

There are so far no reports of illness linked to the scare in PNG,

but the country's health department secretary, Timothi Tyakalyia, says it has banned Chinese made baby formula and other products, such as ice creams and sweets.

"We are taking measures for milk products coming in from Chinese origin, we're calling for a ban of all milk products until such time until things are sorted out. We have appealed to supermarkets and also the internal revenue commission, which controls products in from outside, so we've asked them not allow anything in."

Timothi Tyakalyia is also urging mothers to breast feed in light of the milk scandal.