2 Oct 2008

Ousted Fiji Opposition Leader hopes to initiate immediate political dialogue

4:49 pm on 2 October 2008

Fiji's ousted opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, is calling for a political dialogue to start now.

Mr Beddoes is one of the interim regime's fiercest critics, who pulled out of the interim government's National Council for Building a Better Fiji which is supposed to move the country forward.

He was prepared to take part in a Commonwealth facilitated presidential forum on political reform, but called for terms of reference beforehand.

Mr Beddoes says it's unclear when that forum will convene and he says it's important to bring all parties together now to discuss the future of the country.

"I'd be prepared to engage in dialogue with the interim administration without any terms of reference. It's been a while since Sir Paul Reeves's last visit and attempts to create a political dialogue were made. The emerging financial crisis in America will eventually find its way to Fiji and we have still issues unresolved."

Mick Beddoes says he'll write to the interim government about his position today.