2 Oct 2008

Guam Speaker says publicly funded lobbyists will face restrictions

8:10 pm on 2 October 2008

The legislature in Guam, which has amended the prohibition on the banning of lobbyists, is imposing strict conditions on any lobbyist hired.

The Governor's office has successfully repealed the ban, to pave the way for it to push forward its preparations for transfer of military personnel from Okinawa.

The Speaker Judith Won Pat says the governor's office did not detail its specific purpose for hiring a lobbyist, so the legislature has set out parameters limiting them to specific activities.

"For example, anything to do with the military build up is one. Immigration and policies and controls, including a visa waiver for China and the Philippines, the compact impact reimbursement, veterans issues, war reparations, and economic development."

Judith Won Pat says the government will ensure the requirements are adhered to, by demanding progress reports periodically.