6 Oct 2008

Programme to improve Tokelau infrastructure underway

6:31 am on 6 October 2008

Tokelau's New Zealand Administrator, David Payton, says approval for a project to improve the infrastructure and transport will continue efforts to bring three atolls into the 21st century continues.

Speaking at the launch of a language website, Tau Gagana Tokelau - Learn Tokelau.

Mr Payton says the confirmation of the new projects follows discussions with Tokelau's leaders.

He says the new improvements will involve all three atolls.

"The major infrastructure programme that's been approved, that's underway, that will involve new schools or completely rebuilding the schools on A'tahu and on Fakaofo, and also a major upgrade to the hospital on Nukunonu, we've got major commitment to work on a major new upgrade to the shipping service to Tokelau."

Mr Payton says they're looking to complete the work by 2010.