6 Oct 2008

New Tokelau website a new learning curve for the elder

10:30 am on 6 October 2008

A senior member of the Tokelau community in Wellington says the launch of the Tokelau language website will open up a whole new world.

The website Tau Gagana Tokelau - Learn Tokelau is the last stage of the Mind Your Language Project aimed at encouraging those born in New Zealand to speak their mother tongue.

70 plus Enialiko Kotovio, whose history was passed down by word of mouth, says the internet will make a huge difference, but he may need a little help.

"I can't work the computer but my kids they look at everything on the website maybe they help me to look at."

Meanwhile, it was also revealed at the launch that a major programme has been approved to improve schools on two atolls, the hospital on Nukunonu, and the one and only shipping service.