7 Oct 2008

New Zealand awaits Samoan police explanation over injuries of detainee

2:38 pm on 7 October 2008

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs Ministry is questioning police in Samoa as to why they weren't immediately notified of a New Zealand man who received injuries while being detained.

The ministry has confirmed it is providing consular assistance to the man.

The ministry's media advisor, Emma Reilly, says they have been given an assurance that the Samoa police will investigate how the man was injured.

She says he had been detained for about three days before they were informed and they now are awaiting the outcome of the police investigation.

"We expressed our concern that we weren't informed of the detention at an earlier stage and again we've taken this matter up with the Samoan police. Since we were informed we've had ongoing access to the individual and assistance from the Samoan authorities and the person concerned isn't in detention any longer and is receiving appropriate medical care."

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs media advisor, Emma Reilly.