7 Oct 2008

Fiji consumer council expects fuel price drop

4:21 pm on 7 October 2008

Fiji's consumer council says the high price of fuel is unjustified as world oil prices have dropped by about 40 percent since July.

Fiji consumers still pay 1 US dollar 30 per litre for motorspirit and gasoline, 1 US dollar 28 for premix, and 1 US dollar 18 for kerosene.

The council's chief executive officer Premila Kumar says the global drop isn't reflected in Fiji and consumers spend almost all their earnings on food and fuel.

"The prices have not come down the way it's expected to, looking at the global fuel scenario. The fuel price is regulated and we have a monthly review. Last month, the fuel price did come down, but it wasn't substantial. We do hope that in the next review we would see some decrease in the price of fuel."

Premila Kumar says this situation must come to an end.