8 Oct 2008

Tonga Power to examine meters' accuracy

2:07 pm on 8 October 2008

The now state-owned power provider in Tonga, Tonga Power, says it will look into why some meters appear to read too low.

The acting CEO, David Wright, says they want to ensure fairness but some meters are either faulty or have been tampered with.

Tonga Power was formed after the Government bought it back from the Shoreline company in which King George Tupou 5th had a significant financial interest.

Outlining the new company's plans, Mr Wright says they want to find ways to cut the cost of electricity, by both sourcing cheaper diesel and using renewable energy generation.

He says within three to five years alternative means of generating power should be in place to cut the reliance on diesel.

Mr Wright also says refurbishing the distribution system, particularly with upgrades to overcome voltage fluctuations, is a priority.