13 Oct 2008

Too late to stop Sunday flights to Aitutaki says the island's mayor

4:12 pm on 13 October 2008

The mayor of Aitutaki, in the Southern Cook Islands, says it is too late to stop Sunday flights to the island.

A Cook Islands MP and lawyer, Norman George, is taking a case to court over the flights, saying the Sunday flights were approved illegally.

The mayor, Tai Herman, says the flights are necessary to grow tourism on the island, and he doesn't think the motion will succeed

"I will not agree that the majority of the Island is behind him, no. There's quite a few people who are for, I would say that there's more for the Sunday service. It doesn't matter whether there is more for no Sunday service. The fact is the time has gone by, and we have the Sunday service."

Tai Herman says the flights are going well, and are being used by both locals and tourists.